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automatic composite fastener, 1 point

With punch action internal safety release

Reference : 520.520 HP - 521.521HP

For hinged rebated or overlapping doors from 27 to 162 mm offset, to be specified

520: standard version
520HP: high performance
521: standard locking version
521HP: high performance, locking version
Antimicrobial resistant lever: lever with treatment that limits the growth of harmful microorganisms* (please see documentation)

Adjustable strike on 3 dimensions

Made of: composite.
standard version: bichromated steel
HP version: stainless steel
- Invisible and tamperproof screws
- Interchangeable for left or right hand doors
- Soft and quiet operation

Option: internal antipanic release 2114HP

AFSSA Hygiene Control

*The use of antimicrobial resistant fasteners complements good practices and barriers to limit the spread of viruses and bacteria and cannot replace them
Ref.520 et 520 HP521 et 521 HP
Weight1050 g1167 g
Number of screws9 ou 139 ou 13
Dim. of screws6 mm6 mm


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