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AUTOMATIC composite fastener 1 POINT

with punch action internal safety device

Reference : 920.920HP - 921.921HP

For hinged rebated or overlapping doors from 27 to 157 mm offset, to be specified.

2 models and 2 versions:
920: standard version
920HP: high performance
921: standard locking version
921HP: high performance, locking version
Antimicrobial resistant lever: lever with treatment that limits the growth of harmful microorganisms* (please see documentation)

Adjustable strike for 3 dimensions

Made of: composite
HP version: stainless steel and anodized aluminium
standard version: bichromated steel
- Invisible and tamperproof screws.
- Interchangeable for left or right hand doors.
- Soft and quiet operation

- internal antipanic release 2113
- contact strike

AFSSA Hygiene Control.

*The use of antimicrobial resistant fasteners complements good practices and barriers to limit the spread of viruses and bacteria and cannot replace them
Ref.920920 HP921921 HP
Weight1600 g / 2330 g1580 g / 2310 g1800 g / 2530 g1780 g / 2510 g
Number of screws9999
Dim. of screws6 mm6 mm6 mm6 mm


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