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Automatic Kit for Fermoclean 2920 system

130kg or 180kg door weight in clean room environment

Reference : KIT 2990

The electronic automatic kit 2990 converts the relevant manual Fermoclean system 2920 without any further modifications.
This automatic kit is controlled by an electronic board and programmable micro processor and integrates numerous features to fulfil everyday requirements:
- Partial opening
- Locking system
- Interlocking facility
- Opening controlled by push button, badge reader, remote control, digicoder…*
- Door locking management
- Fire detection management
- Single horizontal safety photocell...
All settings (starting, driving force) are made on a keypad with LCD screen.
The electronic automatic kit 2990 complies with the European Directives and Standards through safety devices according to its use and destination.

* Opening controls not supplied

Features and advantages:
3 operation types available:
Standard: opening and closing by command order
Timer 1: opening by command order, automatic closure after timer has lapsed
Timer 2: opening by command order, automatic closure after timer has lapsed or another command order
- Reduced installation and commissioning time
- Simple programming to adjust operation (timer, opening and closing speeds, driving force…)
- Management and auto-control of safety functions (photocells, sensors…)
- Automatic setup of the opening and closing directions of the door
- Smooth and silent operation
- Aesthetic and hygienic (compatible with H202
- Identical equipment and assembly independent of opening side or door size
- Power supply 220 V single-phase protected by a circuit breaker
- Static effort while closure lower than 150N
- Information codes on display LCD screen: settings and diagnostic assistance
- Cycles counter
- Possibility of connection of an external display screen during installation and commissioning (optional supply)
- Product in accordance with European Directives and Standards

- Double horizontal safety photocell
- Battery (1 opening or closure)
- Radar
- Remote control
- Induction loop
- Flashing light
- External display screen

Video of the KIT 2990 :


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