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5010 ensemble
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 Dimensions Kit 5010
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Electronic automatic kit for sliding doors

with motor 370 W, for doors up to 200 Kg

Reference : 5010

Patented system.
A single model 5010 electronic automatic kit which covers all manual systems listed below without restrictions of opening side or door size:
- Manual Fermatic system 2120
- Manual Fermatic system 2130
- Manual Fermatic system 2150
- Manual Fermatic system 2320
- Manual Fermatic system 2420
- Manual Fermatic system 3430
- Manual Fermatic system 3530
- Manual Fermatic system 7530

Features and advantages:
Reduced installation time: optimized design of the Kit 5010 provides very simple mechanical mounting and electrical wiring.
Vertical buffer and horizontal photo cell ensure the door and operators safety.
This automatic kit is controlled by an electronic board and programmable micro processor integrating numerous features to fulfil everyday requirements.
All settings (starting, driving force) are made on a keypad with LCD screen.

3 operation types available:
Standard: opening and closing by command order
Timer 1: opening by command order, automatic closure after timer has lapsed
Press and hold opening/closing mode: opening and closing by press and hold command

Reduced commissioning time (quick start sheet)
Simple programming to adjust operation (timer, opening and closing speeds, driving force…)
Automatic setup of the opening and closing directions of the door
Smooth and silent operation
Identical equipment and parts suitable for all door openings and sizes (horizontal or 90° motor mounting)
Power supply 220 V single-phase
Information codes on display LCD screen: settings and diagnostic assistance
Cycles counter

Induction loop
Flashing light
Negative temperature
Radio remote control
Contactless switch
Pneumatic foot control


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