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Manual system for sliding doors with two door leaves

80 kg maximum per door leaf - Patented

Reference : 2130DV

This device on either positive or negative cold room can achieve an average saving of 1800 €/year.
Can be repaid within a period of 3 to 9 months maximum (*).

Features and advantages:
- Minimum door thickness of 50 mm
- Pleasing appearance and cleanliness are achieved by the 15 microns anodised rail concealing the mechanical components
- Smooth and silent operation through using a dual roller system
- Easy opening with both synchronised leaves door and soft ramps
- Through use of an anti-derailment feature safety is maximised
- The rail is easy to mount and requires minimum maintenance
- Extremely compact
- Excellent protection against corrosion
- Products in accordance to the European Directives and Standards
- Perfect to be set up in configuration with limited lateral space
- The Fermatic 2130DV is a perfect answer for use within the Food Industries, Kitchens, Clean Rooms and Supermarkets.

- External and internal fixed handles

Fixed external 2420 - internal 8520

- Gaskets

Frame gasket 8511 - Fixing strips 3312 3314
Floor gasket 250 - Fixing strip 3362

- Automatic system (Ask for detailed literature)

Electronic automatic kit 5000 for system 2130DV

- Wall guiding system

Wall guiding system 7540

- Sliding door self closure

Sliding door self closure

(*) Characteristics and diagrams presented on this documentation are not of any legal value.
Study of possible energy saving Fermod sliding door self closure device (PDF)
ReferencesDoor width
2131DV890 to 1090 mm
2132DV1091 to 1290 mm
2133DV1291 to 1490 mm
2134DV1491 to 1690 mm
2135DV1691 to 1990 mm
2136DV1991 to 2290 mm
2137DV2291 to 2590 mm


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