Sliding system clean environment

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Manual systems for sliding doors

up to 180kg* (2 leaves 90kg) for clean environment

Reference : FERMOCLEAN 2920DV

Features and advantages:
- For doors of 40mm to 60mm door thickness, with frame thickness up to 10mm
- Compact dimensions. The track is fixed directly on the frame and ramps and stops are integrated in.
- Articulated aluminium cover with adapted design for clean rooms application and to receive, without any modification, an automatic kit. Color RAL 9010.
- Through use of an anti-derailment feature safety is
- Bottom guide rail fixed on the underside of the door
- The rail is easy to mount and requires minimum
- Smooth & silent operation
- Products in accordance to the European Directives and Standards

* If the door weight is upper than 130kg (2 leaves 65kg), we recommend to install an automatic kit (kit 2990DV 180kg) onto the manual system. If not, please consult us.

- External and internal fixed handle
- Simple gasket, light grey and ivory color

Ref. 2911: delivered in 24 m lengths
45 shores
+50°C / -45°C
Ref. 2950: delivered in 24 m lengths
65 shores
+50°C / -45°C
Ref. 2920DV: delivered in 2,5 m length
50 shores
+50°C / -45°C
Fixing strip:
Ref. 3312: 2,5 m
Ref. 3314: 2,5 m
Ref. 2920DV: 2,5 m

- Automatic Kit *

Electronic Automatic Kit 2990

* Ask for detailed literature
ReferencesDoors width out-to-out
2923DV1305 to 1505 mm
2924DV1506 to 1705 mm
2925DV1706 to 2005 mm
2926DV2006 to 2305 mm
2927DV2306 to 2605 mm


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